The Andrew D Keithley Make It Count Memorial Scholarship Corporation will select the recipient of the $1,000 scholarship. The recipient will be notified during the month of March of the applicants senior year. The award will be presented at the Lafayette High School Senior Awards night. Applications must be submitted to Lafayette High School guidance counselor’s office no later than February 20th of their senior year. Attach a typed, double spaced personal essay of at least 500 and no more than 750 words, detailing how you “Make It Count” and will pass on Andrew’s legacy.


Make It Count The Andrew D. KeithleyMemorial Scholarship Non-profit Corporation or ADKMIC was created to be a living legacy to Andy a beloved son, friend, and young man. Andrew left this life too soon and had been an example of “Making It Count” from day one. Those words ring true in day to day life for those that were close to him. The community of Lafayette High School came out in droves to honor this young man’s life and we are here to give back to the community that loves, enriches, encourages and supports their youth. ADKMIC promotes excelling in academics, community involvement, athletics, and fellowship.

Our Goal.

We are promoting a community that supports its youth in all things. Our goal is to give back to the community that gave Andrew so much.

Our Mission.

We are driven to honor Andrew and those that make it count in life, love, family, education, and community.


Even after Andy’s passing, people say they can still feel his calm presence surrounding them and offering peace. He had this special affect on everyone he came in contact with. Andy was the person who would always make time for you, even when his schedule was busy. Andy was the oldest son of David and Christy Keithley. He was helpful, loving, willing, funny and an incredible example to those around him. He was raised in a Christian home by loving parents. Even when his parent’s relationship ended in divorce, Andy continued to stay strong throughout the tumultuous times. Through these trials, Andy’s faith became the corner stone in his life.

Andy had a special needs brother, Charlie, who was two years younger than him. He had a close and unique relationship with him. Andy helped out above and beyond what was expected and never complained. He even wanted to learn sign language in high school to understand his brother better. Andy had a fun relationship with Luke and Delaney, his other siblings. He was a role model and example for them, but also knew how to add humor along the way. He loved to play tricks on them, always making life lively and fun within the home.

Andy was an incredible student, athlete, and friend throughout his years in school. He always helped the kids who felt out of place or needed an extra hand. He swam, played football, basketball, and volleyball. In addition, he was a dedicated member of the Christian organization, Young Life, at Lafayette High School. His presence is missed greatly because of the rock he was to other students. He did not let go of his values in high school like so many kids. Andy instead, walked the walk,  as the saying goes. He was the one that others looked up to and were inspired by. Andy had changed jobs from The Galaxy Theater to work at Lion’s Choice so that he would have time in his schedule for sports, Young Life and still have time to socialize with friends and spend time with family. Andy was an excellent student as well and his grades always reflected this. He had an ability to honor and achieve his goals in all areas of his life.

Andy had a mantra during his life called, “make it count.” Before any sports game, his dad would yell onto the field, court, or over the pool those words. On the last week of his life, Andy called those same words to his dad, as he got ready to get on a plane at Lambert airport. All of Andy’s achievements, as well as his humble, loving nature are proof that he lived up to that mantra and truly made his life count.


Any questions you may have about donating or applying for the scholarship can be answered via email. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on events, press, and other announcements.

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